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On 20 September 2022, the Czech Presidency with the European Commission will organise the ‘Joint CZ Presidency and Commission workshop on the Cross-border Protection of Vulnerable Adults’ which aims to discuss the need for an initiative on the cross-border protection of vulnerable adults at Union level.

The topic of protection of vulnerable adults in the European Union has become ever more relevant in recent years, and a legislative proposal is expected during the following Swedish presidency. The workshop will, therefore, focus on how the protection of vulnerable adults is approached in different EU Member States and their respective legal systems, as well as on the possible way forward including how the European Union can support and complement The Hague Convention of 13 January 2000 on the International Protection of Adults. The one day event will be divided into three panels, focusing on, respectively: the experience of different EU Member States with the cross-border protection of vulnerable adults, the way forward inspired by the interplay of different Hague Conventions and EU Regulations, and the current challenges in cross-border protection of vulnerable adults which may influence the scope of the EU instrument in this area. At the beginning of the day, the new Practical Handbook for the application of the 2000 Hague Convention will be presented by the HCCH.

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